Groupama Next

The biggest challenge in this project was the timeframe – or else, the complete deficiency of time we had to pull this whole project together, yet this is one of the reasons why we love the outcome and the creative so much. 🙂
“Along with the agency, we wanted to create videos that were spectacular and rich visually, despite the time and budget constraints. So for that we worked together with art director, Mate Mlinarics and Balazs Istvan Balazs, who is originally a DOP, but here we convinced him to put on his directors’ skills set and come into this project as a multi-talent.
To be honest, this word could be used for each and every crew member involved in this project, since we aimed to shrink the size of team as much as possible for couple of reasons: in order to shoot all 3 movies, in visually differing sets in one day, we needed our crew to move fast and be very efficient, since we had very limited time to change camera angles and scenes. Of course, we had our best of luck when our set designer crew, lead by Gergő Füzesi, found the exact props of the Aladdin movie which went perfectly for our Bandzsuria land scene.