We produce and finalise TV commercials, digital content and music videos on the highest possible standard with accuracy, creativity and a little fun. Our main goal is to provide local and international customers, agencies with an effective and professional production house.


The crucial part of filmmaking is to find the good people. The best people. The perfect team. Who you can trust and can work with.

We are friendly professionals who have already dealt with wide range of challenges from organizing complex international productions to managing low budget local works. We are skilled and prepared to handle varied and sometimes unexpected circumstances. We use our creativity and expertise to provide you with international-level,  excellent quality films for a reasonable price. Productions can be fully finalised in-house with post-production and voice recording included. We, as a company see the potential of development in every project, that’s why we are always looking for new challenges and partners.


Gábor Mórádi Producer
Éva Ferenczi Line Producer
Gábor Stötzer Producer
Ágnes Nagy Line Producer
We can provide you with a professional, English speaking crew. They have been contributing significantly to local and international films with productions ranging from commercials to feature films. Camera and lighting crew, location managers, SFX artists, pyro-technicians, stunt coordinators, production designers, art directors, set dressers and costume designers, stylists and make-up artists - even a food and beer stylist if needed.
Over 1000 hours spent on pre-production meetings
Over 63 years of overall experience
Over 2400 liter coffee and tea (consumed by us)