In this particular TVC our biggest concern was to find a way to integrate and emphasize a visual demonstration of the problem – the feeling when you want to be replaced – due to exhaustement.
“In order to deliver this key movement, we needed to carefully plan ahead, and match the moves of all of characters in different situations, so they won’t look like a mistake, but rather add up to the movie, as a strong visual element. To overcome this issue, we wanted to shoot these parts of the commercial with the motion control/robotic arm – so that we could have the freedom of play with the speed of the movement later on.
Shooting with the rocket cinema robot always requires some extra planning in the pre-production phase, where the director and the DOP together experiment on the different setting of the camera, speed and direction of both movement and lightning.”


Directed by David Ungvari, it is not our first and probably not the last Bauhaus commercial we have put together with joint forces.

“The brief here was to showcase the very benefit of Bauhaus’s retail stores – which lies in improvement of homes and surroundings.
We had one long day to shoot and setup completely differring sets, highlighting the two main target services the store. For this purpose, we built up our first set in a studio, which was aimed to set the scene for our bathroom construction, whilst we realized our DIY workstation at a real-life location. To shoot our DIY handyman in action, we rented our a garage where originally motorcycles are built.

Constructioning a set, always requires extensive visual design, for which we were happy to work with art director, Eszter Takács on this project.”


Shooting summer on the 5th of October? Sure!

We like to be challenged, and setting a summer moment with sandy beach in Budapest, in October is trust us, definitely counts as one.

The reason behind the rush and the timings always derives from the same reasons when it comes to beer brands. Their main occassion for consumption is definitely summer, or some other time of the year when the weather is so good that it calls for a beer – or two – so there was no question that we needed to set a summer scene, no matter what. Shooting elsewhere was out of our options mainly for the reason that Dreher is a Hungarian heritage brand, and we wanted it to keep it that way.

So our solution was to pack up the crew and create a beach for ourselves that is not so far from the city and shoot our very special summer moments there. “

Groupama Next

The biggest challenge in this project was the timeframe – or else, the complete deficiency of time we had to pull this whole project together, yet this is one of the reasons why we love the outcome and the creative so much. 🙂
“Along with the agency, we wanted to create videos that were spectacular and rich visually, despite the time and budget constraints. So for that we worked together with art director, Mate Mlinarics and Balazs Istvan Balazs, who is originally a DOP, but here we convinced him to put on his directors’ skills set and come into this project as a multi-talent.
To be honest, this word could be used for each and every crew member involved in this project, since we aimed to shrink the size of team as much as possible for couple of reasons: in order to shoot all 3 movies, in visually differing sets in one day, we needed our crew to move fast and be very efficient, since we had very limited time to change camera angles and scenes. Of course, we had our best of luck when our set designer crew, lead by Gergő Füzesi, found the exact props of the Aladdin movie which went perfectly for our Bandzsuria land scene.


We always like to shoot with animals, to enhance the cuteness factor, especially when there are many species involved in one commercial!

In this image commercial, we needed to showcase the idea that we encounter energy in most of our daily activities, and these encounters are actually fun for us people and for animals too. There is a copy twist in the whole story as well – because in Hungarian you could say, ‘állati kényelmes’ which in mirror transaltion would mean animally comfortable. So the way energy is brought to your home by EON is to equally comfort you and your beloved pets.


Shooting 13 commercials in one day? Sure!

For Euronics’s ‘Machines with love’ new communication platform, our job was to deliver 2 image spots and 11 tactical commercials that our client could use for a couple of years.

In order to do so, we have created a set in a studio, where every angle of the space made room to one of our story. To minimize prep times in between scenes, we have placed our camera and all equipment in the middle so that we could smoothly move forward with our shooting. Whilst we were shooting one scene, another scene was already prepping up, and this type of mentality directed whole day. This way we were able to shoot all movies that were on our plate.

Győri Édes

Győri Édes wanted to break their silence with a brand new image spot, that emphasized their key USP – 100% natural ingredients – best. In order to do so, we needed to focus on the nature angle in every aspect of making the film.
The task here was to focus on nature. It was obvious we needed to shoot the whole commercial in natural surroundings, yet it is very hard to find ideal looking wheat fields if it’s not that time of the year. (Technically speaking, you have got 2 weeks of the year when the wheat fields are at their heighest and most spectacular look, right before harvest.) Fortunately, we managed to find the right spot, and we could easily showcase the creative idea – and fly back our heroine to the field, after a bite of a very natural biscuit.


Have you ever swum in a ridiculous amount of milk? Our hero did, even though he was supposed to have lactose intolerancy he could manage it with the help of a single capsule.