Our story
We’ve set up our company in 2004 with two main goals:
To serve both local and international creative agencies with a dependable production house based in Hungary.
Give the European production houses and creative agencies a reliable “production springboard” to our whole region.

Our way
Friendly professionals will provide you with the highest possible standard, accuracy and creativity from the pre to the post on the field of service.

Your benefit
Using our creativity and expertise you’ll get international quality for a reasonable price.

We've already met a wide range of challenges from organizing complex international productions to managing low budget local works. We are skilled and prepared to handle varied and sometimes unexpected circumstances.

Professional crew on hand
We can provide you with professional English speaking crews in the region. They have been contributing significantly to local and international film with productions ranging from commercials to features films. Camera and lighting crew, SFX artists, pyro-technicians, stunt coordinators; production designers, art directors set dressers and set managers; costum designers, stylists, and make-up artists, even a food and beer stylist.